AirDrop: MapCoin [MAP]

Token Symbol MAP
Estimated value $100
Expiry date Limited To 20k Participants
Published date July 18, 2018

Token Overview

MapCoin drives the creation of maps and location data using the power of the community. MapCoin's goal is to aid the collection of data for the whole autonomous vehicle and mapping industry. 
MapCoin is airdropping 500 MAP (~$ 100) tokens to airdrop participants. ICO price: 1 MAP = 0.2 USD

Token Requirement

1. Join MapCoin Telegram

2. Follow MapCoin on Twitter.

3. Retweet the Pinned Tweet using the hashtags: #Mapcointoken #Mapcoin #airdrop #Blockchain #ETH #crypto and the link to the website:  

4. Submit your Ethereum address and previous details to the MapCoin Airdrop form.

More info about the airdrop in MapCoin's Medium blog


End in: Limited To 20k Participants

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