AirDrop: Depository Network [DEPO]

Token Symbol DEPO
Estimated value $50
Expiry date 22 Jul, 2018
Published date July 20, 2018

Token Overview

Depository Network is the world`s first multi-platform network enable lenders (P2P lending marketplaces, banks, other credit institutions) to accept digital assets as collateral...

If you complete all the tasks on the dashboard you can earn up to 2,500 DEPO tokens which are currently valued at $0.02 per token, (500*0.02 = $50). The tasks are optional, so it's not like you need to complete them all to be eligible to receive your tokens. The project looks interesting, the team has been KYC verified and the whitepaper seems decent.

Token Requirement

  1. Sign up on the Depository Network Website
  2. Select "Join DEPO ICO"
  3. Submit your details and sign up. Ensure you input a valid email address and as you will be required to verify
  4. Once verified, log in and select "Airdrop" from the dashboard
  5. Complete the social media tasks via the dashboard. You will receive 500 DEPO per completion of task
  6. Submit your details on the form

End in: 22 Jul, 2018

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