AirDrop: Cloud Blockchain Routing [CBR]

Token Symbol CBR
Estimated value $10
Expiry date 8 Aug, 2018
Published date July 20, 2018

Token Overview

The focus of the Cybersecurity Blockchain Routing (CBR) Project is to work to solve the technical and financial hurdles of broad-based distribution and consumption of best breed security, as well as to support the creation of open and standard services for the cost-plus access to granular, best of breed security services in a reliable financially consumable manner for the masses...


Token Requirement

  1. Fill in the registration form with your email, ETH address and country of residence. You only need to register once.
  2. Join Telegram
  3. Follow on Twitter
  4. Fill in the form, both Twitter and Telegram are mandatory so ensure you input the relevant handles for validation. The other tasks are optional.

There are OPTIONAL TASKS in the bounty which you can participate in if you wish to do so. As usual, the more tasks you complete successfully, the more tokens you will receive in exchange. You can earn up to 400 tokens if you complete all the tasks, which is valued at $40


End in: 8 Aug, 2018

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