Here’s Why the Gaming Industry May Just Be the Catalyst for Crypto Adoption

These past couple weeks have been harsh for the cryptocurrency markets, there’s no denying that. After a surge in price, investors and crypto enthusiasts were left wondering if we’re on the brink of the next big cryptocurrency breakout, only to be let down weeks later. However, most bitcoin and cryptocurrency… The post Here’s Why the […]

Lightning Offers Better Online Payments

For early cryptocurrency believers many would have assumed bitcoin to become the next PayPal 2.0, but the excitement surrounding the technology fell off as technical limitations emerged. This year’s apps have been designed using the lightning network which is currently in its beta stages but has proven that traditional transaction… The post Lightning Offers Better […]

Are Tweets And Google Searches Driving The Price Of Cryptos?

The National Bureau of Economic Research released an interesting study on the nature of crypto markets including several drivers of prices. In their report, that found that crypto markets differ significantly from typical financial markets as some of their value is derived off the attention they see. The report, authored… The post Are Tweets And […]