BitPay First Payment Processor to Receive BitLicense in New York

July 17th, 2018: BitPay, the largest global cryptocurrency payment processor in the industry, recently announced that it has received its virtual currency license, called a ‘BitLicense,’ from the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) The DFS oversees the rules for cryptocurrency business activity in the state, including New York… The post BitPay First Payment […]

Number of Universities Including Crypto Classes Skyrockets

Universities across the globe are diving into creating courses revolving around blockchain for both students and the public in hopes to better educate people on the technology. Public interest skyrocketed last year but many did not necessarily grasp the concepts that back blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Now post-secondary schools are opening… The post Number of Universities […]

Crypto Exchange COBINHOOD Adds Fiat Trading Pairs

July 16th, 2018: Announced before the weekend, the cryptocurrency exchange COBINHOOD revealed that it will be adding crypto-fiat trading pairs to the platform coming to users at the end of this week. Starting July 20th, COBINHOOD users will have access to trading directly with fiat currency, assuming they’re intending on… The post Crypto Exchange COBINHOOD […]

Chile Crypto Exchanges Start to Win Back Frozen Accounts

Crypto exchanges out of Chile have been fighting the closure of several bank accounts and are finally making some progress. A court of appeals ruled for the exchange Orionx in their complaint over Banco Estado closing their account to reopen their account. The court ruled saying the bank was completing… The post Chile Crypto Exchanges […]

Blockchain Can’t Solve Every Problem and That’s Alright

The crypto space is an interesting place as the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs are all independent and interdependent of one another. Currently, cryptocurrencies are the only viable application of blockchain technology, a new form of tech that came intertwined with cryptocurrencies no matter how hard the institutional investors, regulators, and… The post Blockchain Can’t Solve […]

Litecoin’s Creator is Buying Into A Bank

What appeared to many as a Twitter fight in April between litecoin founder Charlie Lee and Derek Cap, CEO of TokenPay, quickly turned into a friendship based on one common enemy… banking. The Litecoin Foundation and Capo’s Virgin Island based startup encountered many difficulties securing bank accounts, an issue common… The post Litecoin’s Creator is […]

Here’s the Real Problem With Decentralized Exchanges (You Probably Already Know What It Is)

Earlier this week, the cryptocurrency community became acutely aware of the fact that even so-called decentralized exchanges (DEX) are not immune to potential bad actors. With the Bancor security breach, an absurd amount of cryptocurrency was hijacked by taking advantage of upgrading smart contracts on the platform. To put things… The post Here’s the Real […]

Has Cardano’s Blockchain ‘Solved’ Proof-of-Stake?

In April, the CEO of blockchain firm IOHK, Charles Hoskinson was attempting to share a message about a research paper he believed provided a description as to how blockchains come to consensus. The company developed the research paper and referred to blockchains ability to come to consensus as Ouroboros. According… The post Has Cardano’s Blockchain […]