AirDrop: AffiliateCoin [AFL]

Token Symbol AFL
Estimated value $20
Expiry date N/A
Published date July 19, 2018

Token Overview

AffiliateCoinis a decentralised Affiliate Marketing network that uses Smart Contracts to create secure, indisputable transactions on the Blockchain.

Despite Affiliate Marketing having been around for over 25 years it has some fundamental flaws, including mistrust, delayed payments and limited Pay Per Action capability.

By removing the middleman we are creating an environment in which trust is no longer relied upon. Merchants will rest in the knowledge that they only pay for the completion of clearly defined end user tasks, and Publishers will rest knowing their efforts never go unrewarded.

With all transactions stored on the public ledger of the Blockchain, justice in Affiliate Marketing will become an indisputable matter of public record.

With the use of smart contracts, AFL is obviously using the ethereum network. And it’s an ERC-20 digital token type. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 AFL tokens.

These AFL tokens are the crypto-currency of the affiliate platform. Merchants can create offers and approve publishers in exchange for AffiliateCoin. And publishers will get AFL tokens as a reward, every time they successfully complete a smart contract. Furthermore, publishers can use the tokens to purchase:

  • Digital assets
  • Website templates
  • Blog templates
  • Voucher Code sites
  • Copy-writing resources
  • Translation services
  • Direct mail broadcasts
  • Email marketing broadcasts
  • Telemarketing services

Token Requirement

First of all, you need to register on the platform. To do so, just click on the Register button in the main menu. And on the registration page, fill in an email address, your first name and last name. While you can use a pseudonym, make sure your email address is valid. Because you’ll receive a link you can used only once to log in. And it will lead you to a page where you can set your password.

By creating an account, you’ll instantly receive 25 AFL tokens for free. But wait, there’s more! Because this is only the signup bonus. And you can get more free AFL tokens with the social bonus and the referral bonus.

In order to get the social bonus, you must go to My Account and click on Edit. And you’ll find the social media section at the bottom of the page. For each action you complete, you can get an extra 10 AFL tokens. So you can get up to 50 AFL tokens with these actions.

And the referral bonus is even more attractive! You can get 50 free AFL tokens per referral. So you should definitely share your unique referral link (displayed in My Account) with as many people as possible!


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